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Innovative teaching

Despite the challenges in education caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Stefania and her colleagues are passionate teachers working hard to deliver high-impact learning environments and experiences for students. Stefania is always committed to motivating students to love science and creating awareness of the performed research. Thanks for what you do!

January 24, 2021 0

Congratulations Stefania!

Our group leader is in the ranking of best 160 thousand scientists in the world. The list of “Most Influential Scientists of the World” is published by three researchers from Stanford University in Plos Biology. List of the most influent scientists Article on UNINA website

January 5, 2021 0

The world of cell penetrating: The future of medical applications

New review paper “The world of cell penetrating: The future of medical applications” published in Future Medicinal Chemistry ABSTRACT Cell-penetrating peptides present huge biomedical applications in a variety of pathologies, thanks to their ability to penetrate membranes and carry a variety of cargoes inside cells. Progress in peptide synthesis has produced a greater availability of…
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December 4, 2020 0

A boost to the antiviral activity

New paper “A boost to the antiviral activity: Cholesterol tagged peptides derived from glycoprotein B of Herpes Simplex virus type I” published in International Journal of Biological Macromolecules ABSTRACT Conformational changes of viral glycoproteins govern the fusion of viral and cellular membranes in the entry of enveloped viruses. Peptides mimicking domains of viral glycoproteins are apt…
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July 14, 2020 0

COVID-19 explained to young people

No matter how old you are or the job you do, Science is for everyone who has curiosity and wants to find out. The Galdiero Group is committed to promoting science and creating awareness of the performed research among non-specialist people.

June 15, 2020 0

Stay at home, stay safe and save lives.

We will come through it stronger than ever. We will beat the Coronavirus and we will beat it together.

April 1, 2020 0

Congratulation Stefania!

Our group leader is in the ranking of best 100 thousand international scientists, published on the journal Plos Biology.

September 27, 2019 0

Valentina presents our research

A talk about on-demand self-assembling peptide amphiphiles for cancer.  “Imaging of diagnostic and therapeutic biomarkers in Oncology”, Workshop in Le Bono (France) from 25th to 28th September 2019.

September 26, 2019 0