Journals – 2008


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Galdiero, S., Falanga, A., Vitiello, M., Raiola, L., Fattorusso, R., Browne, H., Pedone, C., Isernia, C., Galdiero, M. “Analysis of a membrane interacting region of herpes simplex virus type 1 glycoprotein H,” J Biol Chem 283, 29993-30009 (2008).

Galdiero, S., Falanga, A., Vitiello, M., D’Isanto, M., Cantisani, M., Kampanaraki, A., Benedetti, E., Browne, H., Galdiero, M. “Peptides containing membrane-interacting motifs inhibit herpes simplex virus type 1 infectivity,” Peptides 29, 1461-1471 (2008).

Vitiello, M.,* Galdiero, S.,* D’Isanto, M., D’Amico, M., Di Filippo, C., Cantisani, M., Galdiero, M., Pedone, C. “Pathophysiological changes of gram-negative bacterial infection can be reproduced by a synthetic peptide mimicking loop L7 sequence of Haemophilus influenzae porin,” Microbes Infect 10, 657-663 (2008). *This Two Authors Made Equal Contributions To The Work

Galdiero, S., Vitiello, M., D’Isanto, M., Falanga, A., Cantisani, M., Browne, H., Pedone, C., Galdiero, M. “The identification and characterization of fusogenic domains in herpes virus glycoprotein B molecules,” Chembiochem 9, 758-767 (2008).